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Lyndsey Marie Beauty has set up appointment times to give you the best experience. Efforts will be put in to accommodate for any surprising circumstances one may not be able to attend their appointment. However, clients more than 10 minutes late would not have to opportunity to receive the full service we have designed for your optimal experience. Said clients may need to reschedule for consideration towards other clients scheduled. 


Please offer your esthetician a 48 hour cancellation time frame.

Cancellations/No Shows - will be charged for 50% of missed appointment. No Shows do run the risk not being allowed to rebook with Lyndsey Marie Beauty LLC in the future.


Waxing services provide the removal of unwanted hair in the use of hard or soft wax. However, your safety and comfort is of our most concern. Upon arrival clients will be asked fill out a consent form informing your esthetician of any skin conditions or medications being taken that can result in a poor experience being prevented. 

Contra-Indications are as followed:

- Taking any antibiotics or acne medication

- Previously received a chemical peel treatment 

- Varicose Veins (area will be avoided in a wax treatment)

- Skin disorders or diseases

- Bruising or scar tissue

- Warts, Moles, Skin Tags (areas will be avoided)

- Diabetes and Lupus- more susceptible to infection

- Sunburn

- Use of tanning bed 24 hours prior

-Currently receiving cancer therapy (chemotherapy or radiation)


Upon arrival, clients will be asked to fill out a consent form indicating any contraindications that may result in a poor reaction or application of lashes. If health matches up, this form will also help your lash artist know what sort of style you are looking for as well as help booking further appointments for fills. 

Lash extensions will not be filled if they have been done by a previous lash artists. Not all lash artists are the same as we all use different products and have different styles. This may not result in the quality sets you are wishing for. May result in loss of previous lashes, an allergic reaction or appear off balanced as a result. 

Contra-Indications are as followed:

- Allergies to adhesive

-Retinoids used to treat acne and skin problems (Accutane or Retin A)

- Medical conditions that may contribute to hair loss (Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism, Alopecia Areata, Lupus or Diabetes)

- Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies that contribute to hair loss (A, B, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid)

- Trigonometrical (hair pulling disorder) 

- Pregnancy or recent childbirth 

- Hormone imbalance

- Recent severe illness or major injury

- Medications that may contribute to hair loss: Chemotherapeutic agents used in cancer treatment, Anticoagulants (blood thinners), Beta blockers (used to control blood pressure)


To secure your wedding date with Lyndsey Marie Beauty, you must have a paid nonrefundable 50% nonrefundable deposit and a signed contract. You will be contacted when both are received to ensure your date has been secured. If not, your date is up for another party to take.

All members listed on the contract are finalized. Members can add on if the makeup artist is informed or if there is more time the day of. 

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